• Travertine Tile: A unique flooring option

    Travertine tiles are a unique flooring option that adds beauty to homes and offices. Here is a list of advantages that will make you want to invest in travertine tile installation:

    Cheaper: Travertine tiles are cheaper than other tile flooring options like marble, granite or porcelain. Not only does it provide a unique look and charm to the floor in the most cost-effective manner, but it also gives a timeless and expensive look as well. Travertine tile installation provides a perfect look to the exterior or interior of a home at a cheap price.

    Durability: Travertine tiles are highly durable as well. If you are looking to add value to your home in the long, then travertine tile installation is a good idea. All you need to do is take proper care of the flooring and these tiles will maintain a perfect look for a long time. They are moisture resistant and do not break easily. The best part is that if any travertine tiles chip or break, you can replace a single tile.

    Go green: If you are an environmentalist, then you will love these tiles. Travertine is a type of limestone which forms around mineral spring deposits. When the minerals get dissolved in the ground water and rise above the ground because of natural springs and rivers, travertine is formed. It is extracted from quarries in large blocks and cut down in smaller pieces and further processed.

    Appearance: Although these tiles are not expensive, they provide an appearance to homes that is beyond comparison. Travertine tiles are one of a kind because of the unique and subdued effect it adds. Each piece is a unique earthwork, which leads to the formation of various patterns that will give that natural look and feel.

    Installation: Travertine tile installation is not too difficult because the tiles are very easy to cut and shape. Travertine tile installation can be done in various areas of the house with ease. If the proper installation is done, these tiles can last forever. Travertine tiles come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and tones to choose from. You can get them in polished, tumbled, brushed or matte finishes.
    Aug 28, 2017
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