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Natural stone flooring is rising in popularity, as it is durable and beautiful. As a homeowner, you have plenty of options ranging from slate to marble for your flooring. Travertine tile flooring has been one of the premium flooring options for centuries. Travertine is a luxurious natural stone that is not only used as flooring material but also can be used for countertops, backsplashes, facades and other purposes.

Tile flooring is appreciated for its distinctive and classy look. It is available in different shades of tan, grey, and darker shades. There are wide ranges of appearances that depend upon the finish of the flooring. No two tiles used in this type of flooring are the same, which enhances the unique beauty of travertine tile. Travertine tile flooring is available in different color variations and you can choose whether the surface is polished, honed, brushed or tumbled to create a vibrant effect in each room. Travertine tile can provide a different look as these tiles can be cut into large or small slabs.

Tile flooring is the most durable type of flooring.  Travertine tile flooring can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and is best suited for outdoor areas. It requires more maintenance than other flooring options. Regular cleaning is the key to maintaining the shine and look of your travertine tile flooring for a long time.

Travertine tile flooring in Tucson is a popular choice as it is the most durable flooring stone on the market. It can add texture and a striking appeal to any room.
Travertine tile flooring is one of the best options for flooring. Travertine tile flooring is made of natural material and is recyclable. At Tile Tucson AZ, we provide the best quality of travertine tile at discounted rates. Travertine tile flooring is a natural stone formed from limestone in hot springs and geysers. From there, the manufacturers obtain large blocks of travertine and cut them into smaller slabs and tiles for different purposes.

Travertine tile flooring comes in a variety of sizes and the cost varies with different options. There are tiny tiles that can be used to create a mosaic, and there are larger tiles that can be used for kitchen or bathroom flooring.

Some of the advantages of travertine tile installation are:

Beauty: The beauty that this natural stone brings is undefinable. No two tiles have the same texture, which makes it look even more beautiful and rustic. Whether it is a living room, kitchen or bathroom, this tile goes well in any area of the house. Travertine tile flooring comes in a large variety of finishes. Natural is a timeless and pure form of the tile while honed is the most common and demanded tile option.

Durability: Travertine is a very durable flooring material. Travertine tile installation adds value to your home because it will last for years. This tile can withstand temperature fluctuations, which makes it well-suited for indoor and outdoor environments.

Maintenance: Travertine tile installation is a good idea because it doesn’t demand high maintenance. Just simply dust and clean the floors once or twice a week and that will be sufficient for the maintenance. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that if anything gets spilled on travertine tile flooring, it needs to be cleaned up immediately.

Traction: The natural and unpolished flooring is not slippery, so it is hard to slip and fall on. In homes with kids or pets, it is essential to check the traction of the flooring.
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