• Important Tips On Ceramic Tile Installation

    When installing ceramic floor tiles at home, always try to stick to your budget. There are ceramic tile installations tips that should be kept in mind, tile installation is a long-term investment and you want to do it correctly.

    Tips for tile ceramic tile flooring installation:

    1.Ceramic floor tiles mixing
    After doing all the design planning and layout work for ceramic tile floor installation in Tucson, you’re ready to set tile. Giving the thin-set time to absorb water is the key to a smooth, chunk-free mix to lay ceramic floor tiles on.

    2.Check and start with a flat floor
    Before installing ceramic floor tiles, check the floor with a 4-foot straightedge. If you find low spots more than 1/4 inches deep, put thin-set over them to create a flat surface. Remember tile flooring installation can never be perfect if the floor is not level.

    3.Removing the baseboard
    One can always leave the base of ceramic floor tiles trimmed in place and lay tile along it and then caulk the gap. The baseboard will hide chipped edges and small mistakes.

    4. Set tiles against guide boards
    The first step you should take during ceramic tile floor installation in Tucson is to position the first rows of tile and snip chalk lines. However, there are two major hurdles with that method: First of all, chalk lines on tile flooring are hard to see if you have sloppy thin-set over them. Second, the first row of tile flooring can move as you set the very next row. These problems can be solved by using guide boards that include the tile flooring chalk line during tile flooring installation. Position the boards the same way you would position layout line and screw them to the floor.

    5.Tackle tough cuts with a grinder
    When ceramic tile floor installation in Tucson is nearing completion, grinder equipment comes into play. A grinder may not be the best tool for cutting ceramic tile floors on its own. Grinders cause a lot of dust to be accumulated and often leaves jagged or chipped edges. Plus, it’s quite a bit slower than a tile cutter or wet saw. But equipped with a diamond blade, a grinder will cut curves and make enclosed cuts that other tools can’t. Choose a dry-cut blade and do the cutting outdoors.

    6. Slow down the drying
    The final step for tile flooring installation is to dry up the cut surfaces of ceramic floor tiles slowly.
    Jul 07, 2017
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