• 5 Tips on How to Install Travertine Tile

    Travertine tile is one of the classic type of floors and walls for both indoor and outdoor decoration for the home. It doesn't take long to install travertine tile. Many people turn to travertine tiles as stone tiling options in the current market. Whether you plan to install travertine tiles on the floor or wall, the installation process is similar. Plan from the beginning how travertine tile will increase beauty of your indoor or outdoor space. You should see the varieties and textures of travertine tile available as you plan to install travertine stone tile in your home. Keep in mind that travertine tiles that contain a lot of veining can be structurally weaker than tile with fewer veins. You can save those stones for bordering by cutting in a pieces.

    Here's how to install travertine tiles to improve your home.
    - Level and smooth the surface by applying floor leveling compound on uneven areas. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using any of these products.

    - Before you start applying or starting a work of travertine installation, think about tools which are required for installation. Most are common tools to install travertine tile such as measuring tape, hammer, power drill, mixing paddle, a marker or wax pencil, chalk, tile spacers, and margin trowel. Don’t forget that wherever you shop these products, the store clerks may have valuable advice about using them. And also remember that the size of the trowel will be depend on the size of mortar bed you needed for a size of travertine tile which you are willing to install.

    - While installing travertine tiles on a floor, check and mark midpoints and connect with other part of flooring. Draw a line by chalk. It should cross at the midpoint of the right angles. And also study that angles are correct or not. In fact, you can remark lines, if it is essential.

    - You should measure distance between outside tile and wall and don’t forget to add or mark a specific space on a tile.

    - You can design tile in a row along with the grid line on floor. Here, you may need to cut or balance tiles around the border. This will help you in to maintain balance appearance. Set first tile so both so, it can be easier to touch chalk line and you can repeat it for other part of the quadrant.
    Oct 20, 2016
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